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The Teaming Edge Podcast

A show about education leaders and the actions they take to support team and school performance. 

Free Assessments

All teams are on a continuum of collaboration. Use the following assessments to help you determine how to best support your team's collaboration and collective efficacy.

Collaborative Learning Team Assessment

Collaborative working teams often engage in a cycle of plan-do-check-act as a model of continuous improvement. However, all too often, teams are acting with the same mind and perspective they had in the planning and implementation. It is essential that teams engage in Professional Learning Communities so that they are increasing their own knowledge, skills, and perspectives so they have greater capacity to implement more effective actions. We call the combination of teams working collaboratively AND learning collaboratively a Collaborative Learning Team.

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Collective Efficacy Assessment

The Collective Efficacy Assessment is a survey that allows the team leader to identify the current level of collaboration of their team. This assessment provides an awareness of aspects of the ideal level of team collaboration as well as the current reality of team collaboration so that the leader can support the team where they are while coaching them into where they want to go. 

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