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Leadership Coaching

Increase your capacity for a more comprehensive view of your school.

Service Description

Effective leadership requires habits of mind and ways of reframing situations that open up choices resulting in more thoughtful and effective actions. Leaders are lead learners that are continuously striving to build their capacity to take a more comprehensive view of their leadership orbit. The complexity of school leadership requires simultaneous awareness of school culture, staff competencies, social dynamics, and school-wide structures while ensuring that we achieve our bottom line of maximum learning for every student. Every leader will have a natural tendency to over emphasize one of these leadership factors while simultaneously lackinga keen awareness of another. Our partnership will ensure that you have a concrete understanding of the reality within each of these frames as well as a plan of action for achieving greater coherency in all areas. From fostering collective efficacy among the staff to leading with vulnerability, our leadership coaching will expand the scale and scope of your leadership effectiveness.

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