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John Willis brings decades of years of experience in education in his role as an Education Consultant who partners with schools across the nation to provide strategic support and implementation of stakeholder actions leading to increases in student achievement. This includes identifying gaps between current reality and ideal future, clarifying criteria for outcome success, developing a theory of action for all stakeholders, and finally the measuring and monitoring  of implementation. Implementation includes managing complex change through the analysis of structures in place to support implementation and providing differentiating interventions for adult learners to increase competencies and overall teacher efficacy. 

Previously, John spent several years serving as the Staff Development Coordinator in one of the nation’s largest urban school districts where he worked we principals as well as district and school based leadership teams to ensure the highest levels of support towards each school’s organizational improvement plan.  John also played a pivotal role in designing and implementing the district’s Coach Endorsement and New Teacher Mentoring & Induction programs. 

Prior to entering the role of district leader, John worked as a district level instructional coach supporting coaches K-12. John also spent several years in the classroom honing his skills of teaching and learning in the fields of Physics, Engineering, Biology, Ecology, and Astronomy. John helped develop a Project-Based Physics and Engineering program at a public STEM school and also was awarded with Teacher of the Year and highlighted as a technology innovator. 

John has received a specialist degree in Leadership and Educational Administration and a masters in Organizational Development, both from the University of Georgia. He also has extensive coach training through the Coach Training Institute and CRR Global. John’s consulting approach is an integration of research and experience that leads to transformational change  

Whether he is coaching, running a marathon, or spending time with his family, John enjoys being fully present in the moment.

I support educators increase their capacity to take a more comprehensive look at teaching and learning throughout the school.


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